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Have you ever tagged a thousand documents with a label in one day? I’ve done it. About fifteen years ago, my father talked with one of my neighbors and got me a very well paying side job. All I had to do was some administrative work on the weekends at the office, when no one was there. Grabbing a label, sticking it to the document and putting the document on a pile, a thousand times (at least). No interaction with anyone, no creativity, nothing. At the time I thought ‘this pays well and someone has to do it’.

Today knowing what is possible with technology I understand, no one had to do that work. I could have had a side job that enriched my life, for instance by just having a fun job or one that develops my social or technical skills. Now this is maybe quite an extreme example but what if you could save 30 minutes a day. What if you could use this to improve the relationships with your customers? Throughout our careers we have been stunned how much mind numbing administrative work is still done each day. Which makes sense because if you don’t know what is possible or what the alternatives are you don’t see a choice.

At Squad Apps we are excited to make jobs more meaningful and fun. We believe that if you enjoy digitization you get the best results. The reason for that is simply because you will be focused on what is possible and we promise you a lot is possible. Some of the best ideas emerged in the process of digitization, like combining functionality of multiple systems in one intuitive app. Think about having the user experience you are used to on your mobile phone and save a lot of time by working in just one system.

The opportunities are endless. What would be your ideal situation if you could see any information at any point in time at any device? With the increasing number of burnouts and the lack of employees it seems even necessary to focus on fun and meaningful things instead of repetitive administrative tasks. At Squad Apps we are excited to help you with this! We make you appier. What would you do with 30 additional minutes a day?


Martijn van Kuijk

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