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At Squad Apps, we want to make digitization fun. Therefore, we work together in squads for more knowledge, more fun and more results. And therefore we realize applications that actually make business easier, faster and more efficient. All this is made possible by the low-code platform Mendix.

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From working more productively, complying with laws and regulations, saving costs to sustainability. Squad Apps develops custom applications with maximum impact. Thanks to the low-code platform Mendix, each application is developed extra fast and we can focus more on collaboration with your business.

So you are assured of the highest quality, you know for sure that you are working with experts who know your business and you can be confident that the result is 100% in line with your expectations.


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Within Squad Apps, we are raving about Mendix. The platform makes application development accessible. It allows us to look beyond the code and focus on collaboration. We build each application in squads with the best experts and talents. With different backgrounds: from frontend development, user experience, architecture to consultants. It is precisely because of our differences that we complement each other and learn from each other. Together we work faster, more dynamically and with more fun. So that we rise above ourselves and deliver the best performance.

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Business and IT are too often seen as two completely different worlds. But how do you know which digital solution you really need if you have never developed an app yourself?

And how do you know what requirements an app should meet if you don’t know the business inside out? Exactly. Thanks to Mendix, business and IT go hand in hand.

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