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Ten years ago I was in a difficult situation. How to find a job when you have studied Strategic management? It is an amazing study but for which starter roles? After searching for jobs for a couple of months I stumbled upon Mendix consultancy; developing innovative applications fast without a technical background. Hallelujah! I am a person that gets easily excited but ten years later I am still as excited as the first day I started working with Mendix.

The past month I have been working in Lyon and next week we have our Squad Abroad: we work for a week from Spain. You get paid well and can work for amazing companies in industries like manufacturing, entertainment or for instance marine. The working conditions are great as a Mendix consultant but that is just a small part of why I am excited to do this job.

Make an impact. Each day you can develop functionality in applications that make jobs more meaningful. More creative, more fun. Let’s say your work includes approval flows, planning in Excel-files or a lot of communication with (external) parties. What if you could automate 80% of this work based on business rules you define. Allowing you to focus on improving a process or customer relationships. It is amazing to help people with this and make an impact.

It’s diverse. Each day you are solving puzzles for the customer. What would be the best solution? To get to the best solution, you have to understand the customer. Be good at listening, questioning and for instance mapping out a business process. While working with Mendix you also learn a lot about IT in general. It is never just about Mendix, you learn a lot about other systems, IT infrastructure and different people within a variety of departments and organizations.

Get a winning mindset. Almost everyday functionality does not work. Customers are dissatisfied. The expectations with a platform like Mendix are high. Do you see what would be possible? How could you solve the puzzle of functionality, budget and time? Why is what the frustrated customer is saying important? What could you learn from that developer that doesn’t work according to best-practices?

What makes your job unique is that you get daily feedback on working applications. Mendix projects last weeks instead of months. Think about your learning curve! At Squad Apps we are growing fast. You could be our next Mendix King. You might even be able to join our ski trip. Either way we would love to get acquainted with you if this all excites you too!

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