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Unlocking Great Potential: How Motopp and Squad Apps are Empowering Status Holders in becoming Mendix Consultants

The best collaborations start with a small idea or try-out. That was also true for the collaboration between Motopp and Squad Apps. The extensive Mendix expertise of Squad Apps combined with the Motopp traineeship, aimed at status holders in The Netherlands, resulted in a cooperation that brings value all around. In this blog post, we want to highlight the key factors that make this such a successful and fun(!) collaboration.

Empowering Motopp Trainees with Squad Apps’ Client Experience
With a lot of enthusiasm, passion and a focus on soft skills, Motopp provides high-educated status holders in The Netherlands with the opportunity of having a career in IT by retraining them into Mendix developers. Squad Apps has more than 75 years of experience in low-code development and an impressive track record when it comes to low-code projects in different industries: from logistics to entertainment and from human nutrition to the maritime industry. When you bring those two organizations together, you have a winning team.

Within the Motopp traineeship, Ashraf Mouhanna acts as a product owner and trainer to guide the trainees, which they call ‘Motoppers’, to the next level. After their initial Mendix training, Motoppers receive practical assignments under the supervision of Ashraf. That’s where Squad Apps comes in.

Ashraf: “The consultants of Squad Apps bring valuable expertise in this period of the traineeship. Their deep understanding of Mendix, together with their extensive experience at clients, equips them with the knowledge and capabilities to provide valuable technical feedback to the Motopp trainees.”

This unique perspective enables Motoppers to gain practical insights and fine-tune their skills, preparing them for the challenges they may face at clients in the future.

From Trainee to Employed Professional
A great example of how this collaboration made a difference is the story of Selcuk Emre. Selcuk used to live in Turkey and used to work as an air traffic controller. He came to the Netherlands and started the traineeship at Motopp in 2022. With the guidance and knowledge of multiple Squad Apps consultants, Selcuk gained the necessary skills but also the confidence to land a Mendix job.

“I am truly grateful for the guidance and support provided by the tech leads at Squad Apps. They helped me to troubleshoot complex technical issues and gain insight into the underlying Mendix architecture. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to learn from them. Furthermore, the opportunity to interact with different experts from Squad Apps each week was both educational and enjoyable. Learning different approaches from various experts broadened my perspective and allowed me to explore diverse techniques and solutions. The skills and knowledge I gained during my internship helped me secure my current job where I continue to work with Mendix.”

The partnership between Motopp and Squad Apps has created a powerful synergy, guiding trainees towards success in the field of Mendix development. Selcuk’s success story is a testament to the benefits of the collaboration. By empowering trainees with the technical expertise they need to succeed, Squad Apps has helped create opportunities for Motoppers that might have remained closed otherwise. Selcuk’s story serves as a shining example of how this cooperation is transforming lives and opening doors to exciting career opportunities.

Merijn Biesterveld, founder of Motopp: “What I really like about our collaboration with Squad Apps is the diversity of expertise they bring in. The Motoppers can learn a lot from all Squad Apps developers as they have a lot of experience, but more importantly very diverse experience. This is a great fit for what we need from a partner in this matter. We really look forward to what more this collaboration will bring”

Motopp and Squad Apps are empowering individuals through their shared dedication for knowledge sharing and skills development. But more importantly, we are doing so while having fun! Both companies know that having fun while learning makes all the difference.

As our partnership continues to evolve, it is expected to further lift the Mendix community with knowledgeable Mendix Professionals. Together, Motopp and Squad Apps are working on a brighter future for talent!


Maarten Bongers

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