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Develop powerful Mendix applications without being dependent on external parties

The low-code platform Mendix is used by many organizations to develop business applications. The main reasons for this are the high degree of flexibility and the speed it brings. However, to develop high-quality, robust and secure applications, solid Mendix knowledge is required. And that can be a challenge…

Does this sound familiar?

To develop applications, you have to bring in experienced Mendix developers. Top consultants who know how to get things done. They start by gathering requirements from both business and IT departments and deliver a working application in no-time, fully tailored to your business processes. What more could you wish for? Well, the application needs maintenance to keep functioning and you want to develop the application even further. Also, you don’t want the knowledge about the application and its processes to disappear from your organization. And that’s why you remain dependent on an external party with the associated costs.

To decrease this dependency and be more self-supporting, you can look for well-trained in-house Mendix developers with a few years of experience. In other words, you’ll have to try to find a needle in a haystack.


What if you start with one or more junior Mendix developers and receive support of a highly experienced consultant? The consultant helps you with challenges, guides the junior developer to a higher level, and at the end of the process you hire the junior developer as your in-house Mendix developer! The consultant actively contributes in the development process and guarantees a high quality throughout the development process; he or she is not just there to guide the junior developer. At the end of the period, you have a well-trained, independent in-house Mendix developer without having to spend time to recruit, train or guide them yourself.

Motopp ft. Squad Apps: the perfect match

Motopp trains motivated statusholders to become Mendix developers. Squad Apps, a Mendix partner with years of experience in low-code application development, is closely involved during their training. They provide the Mendix bootcamp and (part of the) guidance during the traineeship. The statusholders who have completed the traineeship are well-trained, but do lack a bit of practical experience. Where better to gain that experience than within the organization where they will eventually be employed? While having the best guidance available.


About Motopp

Motopp guides motivated statusholders to opportunities to build a livelihood and fills the shortage of IT specialists. They offer statusholders a traineeship to become Mendix developers and help build skills in the Dutch language, cultural integration, presentation techniques, collaboration (agile/scrum), and the required professional skills.

About Squad Apps

Squad Apps is a Mendix partner with years of experience in low-code application development, both with large and small companies. Squad Apps works in squads where various disciplines come together. Think of an architect, UX designer, a technically skilled consultant, etc. By bringing together various expertises, organizations are provided with the best solution. In addition, Squad Apps has developed a training program that is used by Motopp and Siemens.

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