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The Mendix online training sessions and learning paths are completed. What’s next? How do you ensure that you are truly ready to work independently with Mendix? With the Mendix training program “The Green Carpet,” we take you further into the wonderful world of Mendix.

Mendix Training 2.0: The Green Carpet

Does your application landscape contain Mendix apps and do you want to be able to maintain and further develop them internally? We understand, because building and securing in-house Mendix expertise makes you less dependent on external parties. Even if you have no Mendix apps yet, but you are planning to develop them internally, it can be a good idea to train your own people.

Decades of Mendix experience come together in The Green Carpet, offering consultants of every level the opportunity to learn. During our training, you will learn to apply best practices through assignments covering various aspects of application development. From analytical thinking to implementing out-of-the-box solutions. At the beginning of The Green Carpet, participants are taken by the hand. With each chapter, there is a growing emphasis on independently analyzing the case and creating solutions.

At Squad Apps, we don’t have the illusion that there is only one solution to a problem. For every challenge, there are often multiple implementations possible. However, we do know the most optimal implementation for each situation within the given parameters. Throughout the entire training period, a mentor is available to help when needed, answering all questions to successfully complete the assignments. All assignments are based on challenges faced by ‘real’ clients, ensuring a solid foundation.

Why choose Squad Apps as your Mendix Training Partner?

You choose The Green Carpet if:

  • you are looking for a Mendix training program that goes beyond just the individual elements of Mendix;
  • you want to combine and apply the experience gained from the learning paths in one Mendix application;
  • you want to learn from our years of experience in both large and small organizations.

At Squad Apps, we share the lessons we have learned with each other and we have incorporated those into The Green Carpet; valuable knowledge that you don’t learn in online courses. We explain why you do certain things, why you shouldn’t do certain things, and how to apply them in practice.

Ashraf Mouhanna, Product Owner & Trainer at Motopp

“The consultants of Squad Apps bring valuable expertise. Their deep understanding of Mendix, together with their extensive experience at clients, equips them with the knowledge and capabilities to provide valuable technical feedback to the Motopp trainees.”

What does the Green Carpet look like?

Participants in The Green Carpet learn the basics of independent development according to industry best practices. A prerequisite to start The Green Carpet is completing the Mendix Rapid Developer Learning Paths. From that point, we guide you towards the Mendix Intermediate and Advanced Certification. You will get acquainted with:

  • Mendix conventions, their application, and their purpose;
  • structuring and expanding applications;
  • developing skills for building robust, production-ready solutions.

We have developed a structured training program that can be fully customized to fit your organization and people’s needs. In essence, The Green Carpet looks like this:

  • We start with the basics of Mendix, explaining entities and microflows, and the use of validations and widgets.
  • Course material with assignments based on real-life situations, covering various aspects of the platform.
  • Guidance from an experienced and dedicated mentor with over 10 years of Mendix experience.
  • Duration: 2 months based on full-time commitment.

Is your organization no longer a beginner in Mendix development and you want to further advance? The Green Carpet training program is also suitable for more experienced Mendix developers. We can provide additional focus on relevant topics within your organization and, for example, help with coaching and support on technical challenges one or two days a week.

We would be happy to discuss how we can assist you. Fill out the form below, and we will gladly inform you about the possibilities.

Souhila Mokaddem, Digital Enterprise Innovation Consultant at Siemens

“The Green Carpet training provided a warm welcome to the Mendix development experience. It was a great way to learn low-code concepts and to develop Mendix skills.”

Who is The Green Carpet for?

The goal of The Green Carpet is to prepare participants to obtain the Intermediate and Advanced Mendix Developers Certificate. After completing the training program, participants are able to develop and/or maintain applications themselves. The Green Carpet is open to individuals with various backgrounds. However, a background in, or at least an affinity with, IT is a plus.

One of the organizations who uses The Green Carpet is Motopp. In our collaboration with Motopp, Squad Apps guides high-educates status holders in successfully completing their Mendix traineeship.

Selcuk Emre, Mendix Developer at Motopp

“I am truly grateful for the guidance and support provided by the tech leads at Squad Apps. They helped me to troubleshoot complex technical issues and gain insight into the underlying Mendix architecture. The opportunity to interact with different experts from Squad Apps each week was both educational and enjoyable.”

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